Sorbetto Limone Giacomino Chiesa Liquori


Excellent as aperitif, classic during the lunch, refreshing in every moment of the day and, with a few of fantasy, base for cocktails and long drinks. With the sorbetto-machine we serve easily and quickly fresh, soft and creamy sorbetti in an instant.

Lemon, Green Apple, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Berries

BAG: Kg 1 – Instantaneous powered product
PACKET: 20 pieces
DILUITION: 1 bag Kg 1 + 1 Kg sugar + 5 lt. water

We get 8 litres of sorbetto which is ready to serve (about 100 doses).
To have a slightly alcoholic sorbetto add to the base recipe vodka, limoncello or sparkling wine; for a more creamy sorbetto add milk.


MT 10 litri – 1/2/3 tanks
Dimensions (LxPxH) 1/3: 28x47x69
Watt: 460
Net Weight: Kg 26

Dimensions (LxPxH) 2/3: 36x47x69
Watt: 1100
Net Weight: Kg 37

Dimensions (LxPxH) 3/3: 57x47x69
Watt: 1300
Net Weight: Kg 49